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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Themes, Skins !

Ever felt jealous of those oh-so-cool desktops? Ever wondered how people get all those kind of desktops and boot-screens from and how do they use/create them? Good for you, you don’t have to look any further!

Basically to modify a desktop’s look, icons and stuff you need a software…

A few and chosen good ones are :
1. StyleXP by TGTsoft
2. WindowsBlinds by StarDock

I personally recommend StyleXP for its clean and un-cluttered interface and support for XP core-wise which hardly can create any modding related problems. Also it has a great lot of themes to choose from and all themes look cool and non-pixellated and are refreshing to use and easy-on-eye.

WindowsBlinds too is good but the only drawback is its resource-hog. It eats up a lot of memory and the service needs to be running to keep the desktop skinned unlike StyleXP which can be closed after applying a theme and hardly occupies more than 8-10 MB of RAM…

The current latest versions of these 2 products are :
1. 3.13 for StyleXP ------> Download
2. 5 for WindowsBlinds ------> Download

Now that you have a skin-applying software (or skinner) which has a good number of good skins in them pre-packed, you need to find one that suits your lifestyle well…

You need to visit a few sites giving free themes that are excellent if u ask me!
A few I visit are :
1. ThemeXP.org
2. WinCustomize.com
3. Belchfire.net
4. ThemeXP.com
5. TopThemes.com

All these sites have a pretty huge collection of Themes to satisfy that thirst!

Happy Skinning ^__^ !__! ^__^