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Sunday, December 04, 2005

System Mechanic Professional v6.0p Review !

System Mechanic Professional v6(p build)

After clearing up the uncategorized data on my comp, I analyzed the Disk for fragments and found it to be 50% fragmented.

So I decided I needed a defragment and a junk clearer software which easily clears up all the mess. J

I decided to go for the new System Mechanic release >> Version 6.p

I had already used the Professional version of its previous release 5.0b, so I decided to go for it.

Its UI is the coolest I have seen around in maintenance software’s UIs. I must admit I was impressed by the way it started the auto system checkup on its first start.

As I already have Norton 2006 and Zone Alarm 6 as my antivirus and firewall, I skipped those options of System Mechanic Pro in the install menu.

The installation was breezy and without any problem but be aware that you need to uninstall the previous version to install the new v6.

After a reboot (required) later…

It auto started with the windows logon and started the auto system check and displayed the status of Health, Security, Disk status, Clutter, Speed etc…

The new look/skin looks better and cooler than the previous one of v5.0 and it looks simple yet…

It has 3 levels for rating your system’s statistics – Low, Fair, and Good (Dude! where’s excellent?)

I got a good in security and a fair in disk status, and a Low in the others so I thought it would be wise to make those lows into goods.

It scanned my PC HDD and found about 900 MB of Disk clutter. After clearing that I went on to optimizing speed which included registry compacting (A good feature of System Mechanic) and it automatically deletes useless startup items according to its updates/definitions. The speed improved only a bit but was noticeable thanks to the registry compaction.

Next I decided to defragment my drive and went in for boot time defragment as it helps by giving better defragment speeds.

The Defragment took the highest time for my 80 GB x 4 partitions, about an hour almost. But the speeds of my comp were better due to it. So it was worth the effort and time.

Another interesting feature is the Active Care feature that has good scheduling options in it. Its useful for those who regularly need to maintain their PCs.

Overall, the other features have minor upgrades to them and not much difference from the previous version except the Analyzer which I agree is a cool feature for a one-stop maintenance status check.

This application is a highly recommended one if you care about your PC a lot and maintain it often or at least occasionally…

Rating – 8.5/10 (Needs a little more improvement on updating feature and in error reporting facility for the errors that it fixes…)