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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ragnarok Starter's Guide

Yeah yeah, you are bored on hearing that name again I know, perhaps this might spark a little interest in you…

Ragnarok is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)

Its story revolves around a world called Midgard where you are a citizen and have to work and save it from the monster’s threat that looms. On your journey to glory you will meet many new characters from around the world and many new people! Each time you login will be a different game for you! Guaranteed (no d/c counted :D)!

Firstly you appear on an island with a castle on it. You are a newbie for now and need to work on your skills to get a job and progress through its levels!

Enter the castle and talk to the man in it (these are called Non-Playing Characters (NPCs)). I suggest you choose training and sign-up or it coz it really helps you level up and train yourself for a job!

After all the basic training and Practical training until you are level 13 in Base go to the job test person and get a job according to your attitude. Now you just need to complete the quest of your job and that’s it! You are a proud citizen of Midgard now!

Download :


A few tips:
1. Keep changing your password to prevent it from getting hacked!
2. Play at a max of 4 hrs a day only else you may become an addict.
3. Don’t trust any players who ask you money in return of repaying it sometime.
4. Keep healing items with you always and don’t sell them coz you may not know when they are helpful!

Happy RoKing! ^__^