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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Lets go to Opera, FireFox !

I am not into browser wars but I do have a like/dislike for each browser I come across !

Take IE 6.0 SP2 for example. Its pretty simple for an Internet user to use it. It offers all basic features of ancient search age.

Now is the Google oops.. I mean Search era.. An age where nothing on the net is possible without searching to surf the net.

So naturally a browser must support it as a primary component. IE 6 doesnt have that and is no longer that much useful to a power user also...

Enter FireFox and Opera and many more to the rescue of Netters (Net Users).

See my FireFox themed and ready for the web outlook :

FireFox with Black Japan Theme.

Dont miss the Ms.Beauty Opera ! :

Opera with a Dark Theme.

I like FireFox for its simplicity and Opera for its looks. Both are equally great.

Captions of thiers :
Opera - Fastest Browser On Earth (And I agree on that...)
FireFox - Rediscover The Web (True !)

Download them :

FireFox - 5.1 MB Approx.

Parent Site and Hoster - Mozilla

Download - FireFox !

Alternatively With Google Toolbar - GetFireFox


Opera - 3.1 MB Approx.

Parent Site and Hoster - Opera

Download - Opera

Skins and More - Customize


Some More Info :




Happy Browsing this Winter ! :)

Be safe, Be secure, DONT use Internet Explorer ! :)