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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ragnarok Starter's Guide

Yeah yeah, you are bored on hearing that name again I know, perhaps this might spark a little interest in you…

Ragnarok is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game)

Its story revolves around a world called Midgard where you are a citizen and have to work and save it from the monster’s threat that looms. On your journey to glory you will meet many new characters from around the world and many new people! Each time you login will be a different game for you! Guaranteed (no d/c counted :D)!

Firstly you appear on an island with a castle on it. You are a newbie for now and need to work on your skills to get a job and progress through its levels!

Enter the castle and talk to the man in it (these are called Non-Playing Characters (NPCs)). I suggest you choose training and sign-up or it coz it really helps you level up and train yourself for a job!

After all the basic training and Practical training until you are level 13 in Base go to the job test person and get a job according to your attitude. Now you just need to complete the quest of your job and that’s it! You are a proud citizen of Midgard now!

Download :


A few tips:
1. Keep changing your password to prevent it from getting hacked!
2. Play at a max of 4 hrs a day only else you may become an addict.
3. Don’t trust any players who ask you money in return of repaying it sometime.
4. Keep healing items with you always and don’t sell them coz you may not know when they are helpful!

Happy RoKing! ^__^

Themes, Skins !

Ever felt jealous of those oh-so-cool desktops? Ever wondered how people get all those kind of desktops and boot-screens from and how do they use/create them? Good for you, you don’t have to look any further!

Basically to modify a desktop’s look, icons and stuff you need a software…

A few and chosen good ones are :
1. StyleXP by TGTsoft
2. WindowsBlinds by StarDock

I personally recommend StyleXP for its clean and un-cluttered interface and support for XP core-wise which hardly can create any modding related problems. Also it has a great lot of themes to choose from and all themes look cool and non-pixellated and are refreshing to use and easy-on-eye.

WindowsBlinds too is good but the only drawback is its resource-hog. It eats up a lot of memory and the service needs to be running to keep the desktop skinned unlike StyleXP which can be closed after applying a theme and hardly occupies more than 8-10 MB of RAM…

The current latest versions of these 2 products are :
1. 3.13 for StyleXP ------> Download
2. 5 for WindowsBlinds ------> Download

Now that you have a skin-applying software (or skinner) which has a good number of good skins in them pre-packed, you need to find one that suits your lifestyle well…

You need to visit a few sites giving free themes that are excellent if u ask me!
A few I visit are :
1. ThemeXP.org
2. WinCustomize.com
3. Belchfire.net
4. ThemeXP.com
5. TopThemes.com

All these sites have a pretty huge collection of Themes to satisfy that thirst!

Happy Skinning ^__^ !__! ^__^

My Dream Comp (Current Age...)

Hehe, only if I were rich I would have owned a SuperComp… anyways we are all allowed to dream arent we ? so here goes my dream computer (which is possible to build but impossible to pay for :lol:)

Configurations of the CPU :

All these are currently the best available stuff in the market if one can opt for it :)

See my current but not pretty impressive rig here…

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas ! (or X'Mas)

~Merry~ ^Xmas^ #Merry# *Christmas* !

Wishing the whole world a very happy and prosperous New Year and a Holly Jolly Christmas !

Here are some good links you can use to enjoy christmas !



Both have an excellent collection of goodies for christmas !

Keep Enjoying :)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Lets go to Opera, FireFox !

I am not into browser wars but I do have a like/dislike for each browser I come across !

Take IE 6.0 SP2 for example. Its pretty simple for an Internet user to use it. It offers all basic features of ancient search age.

Now is the Google oops.. I mean Search era.. An age where nothing on the net is possible without searching to surf the net.

So naturally a browser must support it as a primary component. IE 6 doesnt have that and is no longer that much useful to a power user also...

Enter FireFox and Opera and many more to the rescue of Netters (Net Users).

See my FireFox themed and ready for the web outlook :

FireFox with Black Japan Theme.

Dont miss the Ms.Beauty Opera ! :

Opera with a Dark Theme.

I like FireFox for its simplicity and Opera for its looks. Both are equally great.

Captions of thiers :
Opera - Fastest Browser On Earth (And I agree on that...)
FireFox - Rediscover The Web (True !)

Download them :

FireFox - 5.1 MB Approx.

Parent Site and Hoster - Mozilla

Download - FireFox !

Alternatively With Google Toolbar - GetFireFox


Opera - 3.1 MB Approx.

Parent Site and Hoster - Opera

Download - Opera

Skins and More - Customize


Some More Info :




Happy Browsing this Winter ! :)

Be safe, Be secure, DONT use Internet Explorer ! :)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Final Template Edit for now !

Just fooled around with the template and this (what you are seeing) is the final one for now atleast :p

Hope you like it, please comment your likes/dislikes and recommendations and suggestions and even if u are blank minded, jus comment that too lol :))

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

QWERTY Keyboards and Me

QWERTY (pronounced "kwerty" or "Q-werty") is the most common modern-day keyboard layout on most English language computer and typewriter keyboards. It takes its name from the first six letters seen in the keyboard's top row of letters. The QWERTY design was patented by Christopher Sholes in 1868 and sold to Remington in 1873, when it first appeared in typewriters.

Taken from a Wiki but I know this fully ;)

Now some facts :
* The longest common English word that can be typed using only the left hand (using conventional hand placement) is stewardesses. The words sweaterdresses and aftercataracts are longer and can also be typed with only the left hand, but they are not in all dictionaries.

* The longest English word that can be typed with the right hand only (using conventional hand placement) is johnny-jump-up, or alternatively polyphony.

* Typewriter is the longest word that can be typed on only one row, which might be no coincidence as some believe that Christopher Sholes deliberately placed all its letters in the top row when designing the layout in order to ease demonstrations. Proprietory, protereotype, and rupturewort are sometimes conjectured as the longest words but these are not available in most dictionaries.

K, now my relation to it :

I like QWERTY keyboards more than the DVORAK ones coz it offers me better speeds than the latter... I chose my nick name as Qwerty coz i am a keyboard freak, that is, I have a superb typing speed of around 20-25 words per minute lol.
My letters perminute sometimes go above 80-90. :|
So the name... QWERTY > I love it !

I know its strange to have a nick name like that and is hard to pronounce too but its fun to have one isnt it ? K, U can jus call me Qwerty ;)

Psst.. Isnt it easy to type Qwerty ? lol, jus a horse tap away lol :D

Gmail Revamped !

Gmail Gmail and more Gmail ! Yet more Gmail !

OK enough of spamming Gmail here lol.

Gmail has revamped its interface with inbuilt RSS feeds that appear on the top of page, jus above the inbox's tool bar header...

See this :

Gmail RSS Feeds

See the difference ? If still confused, see the top of the image.. its a RSS feed.. U can go and personalize it too !

Go in Gmail > Settings > Web Clips and add all your personal favorites and edit thier already good list at your will !

Happy googling ! GMail Gmail Gmail ! Hey ! Wheres the competion ? lol

Monday, December 12, 2005

Rapidshare now not supported by Flashget !

One of the best download manager out there on the net doesnt support RapidShare downloads anymore...

Just tried downloading a software through RapidShare today and found that Flashget is failing everytime...

Maybe due to RapidShare's major upgrade they have patched the Flashget fault...

Waiting for another Flashget release so that I can download off RapidShare at good speeds :D

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Back to Rock - Ragnarok !

After a year of ragnaroking I got tired and left it a year ago :(

Today I found the CD lying in dust and thus ended up Installing it :)

It took me 1/2 hrs to update it for a year :D

Finally the Update is complete now, gotta go now, will write a good review on it mebbe.

Ragna ! here Qwerty returns !

Lets Rok, RagnaRok !

Saturday, December 10, 2005

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Hi all !

Just registered under Top100 Bloggers and Installed the script here.

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Friday, December 09, 2005

LimeWire Speeder Patch !

Ok, You tried LimeWire and liked it except for the fact that you noticed it is slow...

Try this patch for it that gets rid of all the connection problems and improves speeds and gives the Lime a squeeze on the Wire of downloads(pun).

Go here :

Softpedia with +1 Mirror Link for LimeWire Speed Patch

What they say :

LimeWire Acceleration Patch is a high-end module for LimeWire file sharing application, developed to resolve problems like: slow downloads and disconnections, traffic congestion, improving download speed and reliability, doing so by several methods to achieve 200% to 400% faster downloads, according to our tests, user and website reviews. Various features of the program are detailed bellow.LimeWire Acceleration Patch i an utility for LimeWire file sharing application.

About the Interface :
· Interface is pleasant and very easy to use;
· Automatically clears downloaded and wrong files;
· Operable by system tray icon for quicker and easier use;
· Automatically resumes paused downloads;
· Automatically searches for more sources at user-specified intervals;
· Saves configurations from last run and auto loads on start-up.

What I say :
Just download it blindly and apply :)

Rapidshare Link Grabber !

Tired of typing those rapidshare links in your browser and waiting for the whole page to load and waste your bandwidth ?

Try this tool i found and uploaded for you exclusively ;)


This tool can be used in an easy 5 Step way.

1. Type your Link in the 1st Textbox
2. If a proxy, then enter its ip and port in the 2nd Textbox
3. Click Grab now.
4. Enter the number displayed.
5. Get your link.

Oh, and a 6th step, I forgot :(

6. Enjoy :p

Winamp Update Blues !

What’s it with software companies these days? They are releasing software updates as if there is no tomorrow

Take Winamp for example…

Yesterday it was 5.112 and today it is 5.12 L

Today its 5.12 and tomorrow it will be 5.14 with no reason as to where the 0.13 has gone

I know that it isn’t necessary to upgrade for all of us… but see the way of releasing upgrades that they are doing, its just a piece of shit upgrade frequency…

People who don’t know about what a software upgrade does in terms of fixes, etc… will foolishly download all the upgrades promptly…

Agreed that upgrades are necessary for the security paranoid and the core user but a release everyday? That’s useless if I may say so, waste of the developer’s time and the user’s bandwidth…

In fact, if they had brains they would have at least released an upgraded version every month with all fixes built in one instead of doing the daily upgrades…

Tell me what’s the difference between an anti-virus and this daily upgraded software?

Who the heck cares anyway, I am better off with my Windows Media Player 10 which rarely updates though it’s a Microsoft product.

Boo to you software upgrade freaks :(

Sunday, December 04, 2005

System Mechanic Professional v6.0p Review !

System Mechanic Professional v6(p build)

After clearing up the uncategorized data on my comp, I analyzed the Disk for fragments and found it to be 50% fragmented.

So I decided I needed a defragment and a junk clearer software which easily clears up all the mess. J

I decided to go for the new System Mechanic release >> Version 6.p

I had already used the Professional version of its previous release 5.0b, so I decided to go for it.

Its UI is the coolest I have seen around in maintenance software’s UIs. I must admit I was impressed by the way it started the auto system checkup on its first start.

As I already have Norton 2006 and Zone Alarm 6 as my antivirus and firewall, I skipped those options of System Mechanic Pro in the install menu.

The installation was breezy and without any problem but be aware that you need to uninstall the previous version to install the new v6.

After a reboot (required) later…

It auto started with the windows logon and started the auto system check and displayed the status of Health, Security, Disk status, Clutter, Speed etc…

The new look/skin looks better and cooler than the previous one of v5.0 and it looks simple yet…

It has 3 levels for rating your system’s statistics – Low, Fair, and Good (Dude! where’s excellent?)

I got a good in security and a fair in disk status, and a Low in the others so I thought it would be wise to make those lows into goods.

It scanned my PC HDD and found about 900 MB of Disk clutter. After clearing that I went on to optimizing speed which included registry compacting (A good feature of System Mechanic) and it automatically deletes useless startup items according to its updates/definitions. The speed improved only a bit but was noticeable thanks to the registry compaction.

Next I decided to defragment my drive and went in for boot time defragment as it helps by giving better defragment speeds.

The Defragment took the highest time for my 80 GB x 4 partitions, about an hour almost. But the speeds of my comp were better due to it. So it was worth the effort and time.

Another interesting feature is the Active Care feature that has good scheduling options in it. Its useful for those who regularly need to maintain their PCs.

Overall, the other features have minor upgrades to them and not much difference from the previous version except the Analyzer which I agree is a cool feature for a one-stop maintenance status check.

This application is a highly recommended one if you care about your PC a lot and maintain it often or at least occasionally…

Rating – 8.5/10 (Needs a little more improvement on updating feature and in error reporting facility for the errors that it fixes…)