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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Yahoo 360° BETA Review !

Yahoo 360° - A Great Service !

My Review of The Yahoo's New BETA But Great Social Networking Service - Yahoo 360°

Signing Up :
Unlike Google's Orkut, this does require an invite but if you have a messenger ID then u get one for free ! Signing up is easy, it just asks a few details which I suggest you add all of as the more Info you give about yourself, the more you get friends.

Featureset :
Its still in BETA ,so... many features are added over the time on this great networking tool...

As of now, you have
1. A feed sharer (Doesnt auto update as of yet)
2. A blog (Decent but not as advanced)
3. A profile manager (Very good, loads of features)
4. A group manager/sharer (For showing groups u have subscribed to)
5. A friend linker/sharer (For sharing and socializing with your friends and forming a chain)
6. Loads of themes for the home page and blog
7. A blast message service for quick messages
8. Auto IM service
9. Common intrest finder (Find people with common intrests)
10. And Loads more... Jus Join and see !

Featureset - 7/10

Looks :
See my page and then my friend's and say it for yourself, Its Awesome in looks and Cool Eye Candies !

Looks - 8.5/10

A Page View :

Usablity :
Its damn easy to use and configure, all in a simple an plain interface, packed with richness of loads of goodies !
The Blogging is simple and not like Blogger and Wordpress though with less control over it, also no problems of republish and stuff, great for basic one-picture limit blogging !

Usablity - 8.5/10

People Online and Uses :
There are lots of people using this so u wont have trouble of any kind finding one of your liking and yeah, even girls/ladies/women are online :D

Population - 9/10

Service speeds :
The Service of the server is also damn fast and no "cant be displayed errors" occur, though due to its BETA bugs, some other service errors might come...

Server quality - World class - 8.5/10

Overview :
This is a great service for socializing cum blogging in one place itself ! A good initiative by Yahoo, atleast people respond to each other at this place, I love this service and like it to be sucessfuly launched when out of BETA !

Overall - 8.5/10 (For a few bugs, rest all are OK)

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