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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rapidshare Unlimited !

Whew ! After a year of searching for rapid hacks and tricks and tips and what not ?

The s/w (trick/tip, whatever) I found can be d/led from here :
My Link that is ....
Inform me (by comments) if it is removed
http://rapidshare.de/files/7987962/Rapidshare.rar.html Image password is : qwerty

yeh, its leeched, wat do u expect i make such great scripts ? i am a n00b but expert in .NET Image
The Trick is simple, u need some damn basic DOS understanding for this

1. Unpack the contents into one folder.

2. Fill out list of links that needs to download into one file with any name, "links.txt" for example, in the same folder of extraction for ease.

3. Tune up your download-manager-program such as FlashGet to catch links from windows clipboard to start automatic downloading when a link will be placed into clipboard.

Get into DOS or Command and enter this folder Image
4. If you have no Perl-interpreter then start get-rapidshare.exe with your prepared links file: "get-rapidshare.exe links.txt" or "get-rapidshare.exe .txt" ( from step 2).

Downloading proccess will start automatically by your download-manager-program as this processes the links thus decoded to the clipboard. (Use FLASHGET ) or possibly by Internet Explorer when program get-rapidshare.exe find out the links.

5. If you have Perl-interpreter installed already, you can youself edit parameters in file get-rapidshare.pl

Change value of $aplication according to your environment.
*Non Windows users MUST set $useClipboard = 0

6. Enjoy the RS d/ls thus...

And no rules, no mercy, no limits Image