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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Norton Antivirus 2006 Review !

A Review of my experience on NAV 2006

Firstly, the product is slightly lighter than the NAV 2005 which hogged my system until this month...

This new version comes in a new type of box package which shows a person hugging his laptop and mouse (I wonder if it is only for laptops or what ?). Also now it ships only in DVD format (CD is also there but is a bit costlier), so better get some drives/burners for DVD dudez, that is those who like to be real and original and not those downloader kinds,... speaking of downloads, NAV also comes for d/l type shipping (e-shipping, eh ?) that is, they charge you and then u can d/l it from thier server...

Minimum System Requirements :
For XP
* 300MHz or higher processor
* 256 MB of RAM
* 150 MB of hard disk space

I dont recommend that u run it on 2000 coz it needs a good OS Interface for dealing with in case of crashes in low config computers...

And NO, No support for 98/NT/ME now on... Though 2005 is still available exclusively for them...

I Recommend you have this for NAV 2006 :
* 1 Ghz or Higher processor
* 512 MB of RAM
* 200 MB of Free Space and a properly managed Virtual Page File on the drive

The Main Page :

The new features in this are :
* Norton Protection Centre - A new tool which integrates seamlessly with your Windows XP SP2's Security Centre and alerts you of Windows Updates and Regular scanning and security stats and stuff...
* Spywares/Adwares/Hijackwares support - New in NAV Integration but we all know wat are these dont we ?
* Homepage protection from hijacking spywares - To lock your homepage and not allow any program to change it, another anti-spyware feature...kinda useful in some way...
* Double archive scanning - scans the archive in the archived files too ! gr8 feature !

Feature Score - 7/10 (Too common, almost all Anti-Viruses have most of these...

Scan speed :
Its terribly fast !
It scanned my 300000 sumthing files of my C: Drive in about 30 minutes , almost a quarter of the files are big !
An A+ in this, not an O though coz I want it to be a minute (Muhahaha !)

Interface :
NAV Products are known for thier baby teaching yet advanced and cool interfaces...
and this one's not back in the tradition of NAVs, its Interface gets even better with the addition of the Norton Protection Centre,
which has a really cool and smooth slider type menu that resides on either your tray or your Task bar...depends on the option...(I suggest you keep it on the task bar as to avoid confusion between the main program and this...

The Protection Center Menu :

The Protection Centre :
Its basically a link between all the other Norton Products like Systemworks, Ghost, Internet Security, Antispam etc...
It mentions what aspects of your PC are in control by it and what are not and what aspects are in critial/unavailable states...
Good feature if u have all the products (God knows what might happen to your computer with all products installed).
I think that all this is done to Increase its product sales and make users worry for no reason.. (Yawn !)

The Security Slider that appears and well, sometimes bugs you... :

The Basic All-Time Features :
Well, all others are the same with a little no use addition here and there and stuff thats not worth mentioning...

Overview :
A good antivirus for those being infected continuously by viruses and worms (NOT TROJANS coz NAV Isnt good @ It)
A good buy with no looking back and is worth its cost with a year's free subscription (Hahaha)

My Score
8 off 10

Recommendations to Maker :
I am happy with its features but would like to recommend the symantechies to lower the system hogness atleast a bit more by using some new algorithm or whatever they wish... (:D)

Oh and sorry for not upgrading this place, was kinda busy ;)

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