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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Gmail Gear !

Enough of Low Space Storage, Ugly ever-reloading Interfaces and non POP-enabled free e-mail accounts !

Enter GMail ! A free web email service by Google that increases storage space at 4 bytes every second !!!

Features include :
0. 38 + languages supported !
1. Archiving E-Mails (So that you never have to delete any mail again)
2. Labels (Better organization of your mails)
3. Auto Entry of Fields (Just like browsers do to ur sign in forms ;) )
4. Export/Import Contacts
5. A Notifier (For notifying you about an arrival of a new email(s))
6. Google Talk Integration (For faster IMs and Voice calls !)
7. Ever Growing Storage (Grows @ 4bytes / second, currently @ 2663 MB)
8. Java Non-Interloading Interface (Means no waiting to switch from the inbox folder to thrash, etc...)
9. POP enabled ! (Now recieve your Gmail on your favourite mail-client)
10. Picasa too supported ! (Means more better photo sharing !)
11. Conversation type emails ! (Means all your E-Mail conversations grouped as one !)
12. All Browser support for HTML/Java version ! (Go Universal !)

And a ton lot more features !

Go Get one now !

Go here ! > GMAIL

Or ask for an Invite by mailing me at qwertythemaniac@yahoo.com

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