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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Practical Menace and Exam Haunts...

Looks like my bad days are starting yet again… Just like the rains in Chennai :D

First i have my Practical Exams from tomorrow is this schedule :

1. Physics Practicals (Morning of 24th NOV) :o
2. Chemistry Practicals (Evening of 25th NOV) :o
3. Computer Practicals (Morning of 26th NOV) :D

Closely following are my Half-Yearly Exams in 1st or 2nd week of December I think…

Looks like I gotta cut down on my Comp time and study and be confident, but, NO, the blogs will be updated every day. I will manage to do that after studying or in the mornings…

Lets see how the practical exam goes :D

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rapidshare Unlimited !

Whew ! After a year of searching for rapid hacks and tricks and tips and what not ?

The s/w (trick/tip, whatever) I found can be d/led from here :
My Link that is ....
Inform me (by comments) if it is removed
http://rapidshare.de/files/7987962/Rapidshare.rar.html Image password is : qwerty

yeh, its leeched, wat do u expect i make such great scripts ? i am a n00b but expert in .NET Image
The Trick is simple, u need some damn basic DOS understanding for this

1. Unpack the contents into one folder.

2. Fill out list of links that needs to download into one file with any name, "links.txt" for example, in the same folder of extraction for ease.

3. Tune up your download-manager-program such as FlashGet to catch links from windows clipboard to start automatic downloading when a link will be placed into clipboard.

Get into DOS or Command and enter this folder Image
4. If you have no Perl-interpreter then start get-rapidshare.exe with your prepared links file: "get-rapidshare.exe links.txt" or "get-rapidshare.exe .txt" ( from step 2).

Downloading proccess will start automatically by your download-manager-program as this processes the links thus decoded to the clipboard. (Use FLASHGET ) or possibly by Internet Explorer when program get-rapidshare.exe find out the links.

5. If you have Perl-interpreter installed already, you can youself edit parameters in file get-rapidshare.pl

Change value of $aplication according to your environment.
*Non Windows users MUST set $useClipboard = 0

6. Enjoy the RS d/ls thus...

And no rules, no mercy, no limits Image

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Yahoo 360° BETA Review !

Yahoo 360° - A Great Service !

My Review of The Yahoo's New BETA But Great Social Networking Service - Yahoo 360°

Signing Up :
Unlike Google's Orkut, this does require an invite but if you have a messenger ID then u get one for free ! Signing up is easy, it just asks a few details which I suggest you add all of as the more Info you give about yourself, the more you get friends.

Featureset :
Its still in BETA ,so... many features are added over the time on this great networking tool...

As of now, you have
1. A feed sharer (Doesnt auto update as of yet)
2. A blog (Decent but not as advanced)
3. A profile manager (Very good, loads of features)
4. A group manager/sharer (For showing groups u have subscribed to)
5. A friend linker/sharer (For sharing and socializing with your friends and forming a chain)
6. Loads of themes for the home page and blog
7. A blast message service for quick messages
8. Auto IM service
9. Common intrest finder (Find people with common intrests)
10. And Loads more... Jus Join and see !

Featureset - 7/10

Looks :
See my page and then my friend's and say it for yourself, Its Awesome in looks and Cool Eye Candies !

Looks - 8.5/10

A Page View :

Usablity :
Its damn easy to use and configure, all in a simple an plain interface, packed with richness of loads of goodies !
The Blogging is simple and not like Blogger and Wordpress though with less control over it, also no problems of republish and stuff, great for basic one-picture limit blogging !

Usablity - 8.5/10

People Online and Uses :
There are lots of people using this so u wont have trouble of any kind finding one of your liking and yeah, even girls/ladies/women are online :D

Population - 9/10

Service speeds :
The Service of the server is also damn fast and no "cant be displayed errors" occur, though due to its BETA bugs, some other service errors might come...

Server quality - World class - 8.5/10

Overview :
This is a great service for socializing cum blogging in one place itself ! A good initiative by Yahoo, atleast people respond to each other at this place, I love this service and like it to be sucessfuly launched when out of BETA !

Overall - 8.5/10 (For a few bugs, rest all are OK)

Qwerty Maniac - The Typo Killer

Norton Antivirus 2006 Review !

A Review of my experience on NAV 2006

Firstly, the product is slightly lighter than the NAV 2005 which hogged my system until this month...

This new version comes in a new type of box package which shows a person hugging his laptop and mouse (I wonder if it is only for laptops or what ?). Also now it ships only in DVD format (CD is also there but is a bit costlier), so better get some drives/burners for DVD dudez, that is those who like to be real and original and not those downloader kinds,... speaking of downloads, NAV also comes for d/l type shipping (e-shipping, eh ?) that is, they charge you and then u can d/l it from thier server...

Minimum System Requirements :
For XP
* 300MHz or higher processor
* 256 MB of RAM
* 150 MB of hard disk space

I dont recommend that u run it on 2000 coz it needs a good OS Interface for dealing with in case of crashes in low config computers...

And NO, No support for 98/NT/ME now on... Though 2005 is still available exclusively for them...

I Recommend you have this for NAV 2006 :
* 1 Ghz or Higher processor
* 512 MB of RAM
* 200 MB of Free Space and a properly managed Virtual Page File on the drive

The Main Page :

The new features in this are :
* Norton Protection Centre - A new tool which integrates seamlessly with your Windows XP SP2's Security Centre and alerts you of Windows Updates and Regular scanning and security stats and stuff...
* Spywares/Adwares/Hijackwares support - New in NAV Integration but we all know wat are these dont we ?
* Homepage protection from hijacking spywares - To lock your homepage and not allow any program to change it, another anti-spyware feature...kinda useful in some way...
* Double archive scanning - scans the archive in the archived files too ! gr8 feature !

Feature Score - 7/10 (Too common, almost all Anti-Viruses have most of these...

Scan speed :
Its terribly fast !
It scanned my 300000 sumthing files of my C: Drive in about 30 minutes , almost a quarter of the files are big !
An A+ in this, not an O though coz I want it to be a minute (Muhahaha !)

Interface :
NAV Products are known for thier baby teaching yet advanced and cool interfaces...
and this one's not back in the tradition of NAVs, its Interface gets even better with the addition of the Norton Protection Centre,
which has a really cool and smooth slider type menu that resides on either your tray or your Task bar...depends on the option...(I suggest you keep it on the task bar as to avoid confusion between the main program and this...

The Protection Center Menu :

The Protection Centre :
Its basically a link between all the other Norton Products like Systemworks, Ghost, Internet Security, Antispam etc...
It mentions what aspects of your PC are in control by it and what are not and what aspects are in critial/unavailable states...
Good feature if u have all the products (God knows what might happen to your computer with all products installed).
I think that all this is done to Increase its product sales and make users worry for no reason.. (Yawn !)

The Security Slider that appears and well, sometimes bugs you... :

The Basic All-Time Features :
Well, all others are the same with a little no use addition here and there and stuff thats not worth mentioning...

Overview :
A good antivirus for those being infected continuously by viruses and worms (NOT TROJANS coz NAV Isnt good @ It)
A good buy with no looking back and is worth its cost with a year's free subscription (Hahaha)

My Score
8 off 10

Recommendations to Maker :
I am happy with its features but would like to recommend the symantechies to lower the system hogness atleast a bit more by using some new algorithm or whatever they wish... (:D)

Oh and sorry for not upgrading this place, was kinda busy ;)

Qwerty Maniac - The Typo Killer

Friday, November 11, 2005

A Wonder Keyboard (What are static plastic keys ?)

Allright, Enough of the boring old keyboard !

This one will redefine the keyboard design and create a revolution !

Art Students at a Russian college have created a new wonder keyboard named "Optimus".

Every key of the Optimus keyboard is a stand-alone display showing exactly what it is controlling at this very moment.

That is, Every key on the keyboard is a standalone OLED Display !!!

More-over, it self changes according to the applicational environment, that is, if you have pressed caps lock off, it shows small letters on the display and vice versa !!!

It supports a handful of applications whose control option keys it changes into and even supports language symbol display !

Cant believe ?

Look at these !


The Keyboard on the whole :

In a Photoshop session :

In small letter mode :

And last but not the least, the Application shortcut menu ! :

Got the type ? - Yeah QWERTY ;)

Qwerty Maniac - The Typo Killer

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Gmail Gear !

Enough of Low Space Storage, Ugly ever-reloading Interfaces and non POP-enabled free e-mail accounts !

Enter GMail ! A free web email service by Google that increases storage space at 4 bytes every second !!!

Features include :
0. 38 + languages supported !
1. Archiving E-Mails (So that you never have to delete any mail again)
2. Labels (Better organization of your mails)
3. Auto Entry of Fields (Just like browsers do to ur sign in forms ;) )
4. Export/Import Contacts
5. A Notifier (For notifying you about an arrival of a new email(s))
6. Google Talk Integration (For faster IMs and Voice calls !)
7. Ever Growing Storage (Grows @ 4bytes / second, currently @ 2663 MB)
8. Java Non-Interloading Interface (Means no waiting to switch from the inbox folder to thrash, etc...)
9. POP enabled ! (Now recieve your Gmail on your favourite mail-client)
10. Picasa too supported ! (Means more better photo sharing !)
11. Conversation type emails ! (Means all your E-Mail conversations grouped as one !)
12. All Browser support for HTML/Java version ! (Go Universal !)

And a ton lot more features !

Go Get one now !

Go here ! > GMAIL

Or ask for an Invite by mailing me at qwertythemaniac@yahoo.com

Qwerty Maniac - The Typo Killer

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Getting a little paranoid !

Finally recieved my retail copy of NAV 2006 (Norton AntiVirus)

Quickly installed and activated it !

Whoa !
Its much faster than the earlier version and has a new feature called the 'Protection Centre' akin to the security centre of Windows XP SP2.

Tried the scan after the Liveupdate of around 3mb...

To my utter horror (maybe a little fortune here), it detected and removed 3 worms which the earlier version (2005) had not managed to detect !

Good Heavens !
My computer is safe as the worm hadnt been executed by then...

I have 2 security products and i am totally safe now !

NAV 2006
ZoneAlarm Firewall PRO 6

Qwerty Maniac - The Typo Killer

YouTube - The Flickr of Videos (The Ace of Aces)

Upload, Tag and Share your videos worldwide!

Yes and this is exclusively for videos like Flickr is for Images !

You can Watch, Upload, Share your homemade videos/collections @ YouTube !

Its a really great service worth the buck if you are a video buff and Adobe Premier specialist ;)

Visit it @ YouTube.com

Qwerty Maniac - The Typo Killer

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Of France's Cars and French Fries

Ironically, today while eating French Fries in a news paper cover, the article in it was titled-"France Frying" with a scene of the burning warehouse.

What was once a peaceful, non-communal rioting country has now turned to riots thanks to unfulfilling of some public's demands...

Lets see where this leads France to...

Here's an intresting development - BBC

Qwerty Maniac - The Typo Killer

A Bus Burning :

My Rig

Hello Everybody, (That Includes You Too !)

Traditional way to introduce myself : }
By saying that this is my 1st post.

I own an assembled Rig/Comp

Configurations are :

Hardware :
3.0 Ghz P4 (Prescott) PGA478 socket type /
512 MB RAM DDR 400 Mhz FSB 800 Mhz /
128 MB AGP nVidia Mx 4000 Series /
80 GB Sata-I HDD Seagate 7200 rpm Barracuda /
Intel Orignal Motherboard - 865 GBF /
Samsung CD-R/RW SW-252F Optical Drive /
Samsung DVD-ROM SD-616e DVD Drive /
1.44" Sony Floppy Drive /
Mercury MS-440 Standard Speakers /
Samsung Internet / Multimedia Keyboard with 120 Keys /
Logitech Optical Mouse Std. /
Zebronics Case /
56k Microtek Modem /
Huawei ADSL Router/Modem for 256kbps connection.

Operating Systems :
Windows XP Home with SP2 +
Windows XP Proffesional with SP2 +
Fedora Core 4.

Core Softwares :
Microsoft Office 2003 with Sp2 and Frontpage +
Corel Draw Suite 12 +
Adobe CS2 Premium Suite +
Nero 7 Premium Edition.

About Me :
I am a 16 Yearold Male and I
love thinking, imagining, wondering about human life and its revolutionizers.

Hope my ambition to innovate succeed one day !

Qwerty - The Typo Killer